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John Ross 

Bio: Ross was born and raised in Morganton, NC. He has an AFA degree from Western Piedmont community college, where he studied sculpture and painting. Ross grew up surrounded by his mother and fathers paintings and photography, which helped shape his love of art. In college, Ross also picked up welding which lead him to explore the possibilities of kinetic sculptures fabricated from steel and other hardware.

Statement: The Knowledge that we lacked as children gave us the freedom of imagination, and as we grow older our imaginations are destroyed by logic and the fear of exploring our minds. I have no fear of age as long as the curiosity of my imagination continues to grow stronger. As a child I found “magic” in the natural world that has changed the way I think about the universe and everything in it. My job as a sculptor is to take in the universe around me and create my own version of it. My sculptures are not individual extensions of my mind, but are all pieces of a larger work, one that combined together will create my own universe.             

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